What are the Best Oracle Cards of 2023? Get My Top Picks!

Intuitive Amanda
8 min readMay 3

Hey there! Picking the perfect oracle cards can be a bit tricky, but no worries — I’m here to help you out. First up, you need to find a deck that just feels right for you.

There are so many awesome options out there, with unique themes and artwork that cover everything from angels to nature, animals, and even mythology. Go with a deck that really speaks to you, and you’ll find it way easier to connect with the messages it brings.

I’ve been working super hard, researching and testing the best oracle cards of 2023, just so you can find the one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re into self-care and empowerment or seeking guidance on love and relationships, I’ve found the top decks that’ll inspire and lift you up.

Best Oracle Cards of 2023

Are you looking to divine your future, connect with your intuition, or just add a touch of mysticism to your life? Look no further than my roundup of the best oracle cards of 2023.

I’ve scoured the market for the most beautiful, insightful, and powerful decks to help you tap into your inner wisdom and unlock the secrets of the universe. Whether you’re a seasoned reader or a curious beginner, there’s a deck on this list for you.

The Citadel Oracle Cards

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful set of oracle cards, The Citadel is a great choice.


  • Stunning artwork that captures the imagination
  • High-quality cardstock that feels great to shuffle and handle
  • Comes with a guidebook that provides helpful interpretations and insights


  • Some of the imagery may be too dark or intense for some users
  • The card size may be difficult for those with smaller hands to handle
  • Only comes with 44 cards, which may be limiting for some readings

I was blown away by the stunning artwork on The Citadel Oracle Cards. Each card features intricate and detailed illustrations that transport you to a fantastical world of magic and mystery. The cardstock is thick and durable, with a smooth finish that…